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Plus Size Outdoor Adventurers - You Belong in this Space

Our Purpose

Grounded in the belief that the outdoors are for EVERY BODY , we are building a movement that welcomes all sizes, shapes, abilities, and backgrounds. We are advocates for plus-size outdoor enthusiasts, working to change perceptions of what ‘outdoorsy’ looks like.

Whether you grew up with outdoorsy parents or it’s your first hike and you love it, if you’re recreating outdoors, you are outdoorsy and you belong in this space.

What We Do

Working with trusted suppliers, we offer a range of quality, affordable, technical outdoor clothing in women's sizes up to size 28 and men’s sizes up to 7XL. We ensure that our pants, jackets, and base and mid-layers have the features you need to feel warm, dry, comfortable, and able to make the most of your outdoor experience, whether that’s hiking with friends, a multi-day camping trip, or simply walking the dog in the rain.

An important part of our work is advocating with our existing suppliers for new ranges, and we’re continually researching new brands to work with, ensuring our customers can get outside in the gear that works best for them now and with more options in the future.

The Plus Outdoor Difference

At Plus Outdoor, we know that plus-size bodies aren’t all built alike. Here, you’re never one-size-fits-all. Our goal is to get you outside, doing the things you love, in gear that performs as it should, is affordable, and, most importantly, makes you feel great wearing it.

Unlike other online retailers that have vague and confusing descriptions and size charts, we hand-measured every garment in our range ourselves, creating each product’s own unique size chart so you can see how it might suit your body. With our free Shop Your Shape service, you can connect with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members who will help you select a product that is exactly right for your measurements, needs, and budget. No more label anxiety: we want you to feel that buzz of excitement when your perfectly fitting, beautiful gear arrives at your door.


More than a retailer, we are founded on the belief that everybody deserves to get outside. We tirelessly push our suppliers and industry leaders for extended sizing ranges, working to challenge perceptions within the industry. We work to elevate the voices of plus-size outdoor athletes and adventurers - because representation matters. We share the stories of plus-size adventurers, showing that strength and athleticism come in all sizes.
Through partnerships, storytelling, and community building, we are changing perceptions, one step at a time. Join us! |

Represent support supply and advocating for plus-size outdoor_lovers

Our Story  - Plus Outdoor

Plus Outdoor was founded in 2020, by the team behind Plus Snow. Born and raised in the outdoor industry, our founder, Mon Balon, knew that there needed to be better options for plus-size outdoor enthusiasts. Seeing the demand for plus-size ski gear, and the excitement and relief of her customers of finally finding good quality, well-fitting, and affordable products, she knew she had to find a way to support the plus-size hikers, campers, photographers, climbers, and dog walkers who had spent years struggling to be recognized as outdoorsy and to find the good quality and technical outdoor gear.

Enter Plus Outdoor, providing high quality, technical plus size outerwear and layers to outdoor enthusiasts globally. If you’re looking for a rain jacket that’s actually waterproof AND breathable, pants that fit, and mid-layers that wick moisture rather than making you sweat, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always looking for the best and latest gear in a wide range of sizes and designs, knowing that you don’t just want performance from your plus-size outdoor gear, you want choice.

Change is in the Air

Back in January 2019, we went to the Denver Outdoor and Snow show in January 2019, to find almost no brands in the USA supplying the plus size outdoors market. Since then, new brands and product lines are emerging, and existing brands are starting to produce extended sizing ranges to meet what we know is a real demand for plus-size outdoor gear. We’re excited to feel a small part of this change, and we will keep pushing our suppliers and the industry to recognize the needs of plus-size outdoor adventurers.

Proving to the world that you can be big and outdoorsy. Nature has no size requirement.

As we look to the future, we are excited to be part of a body-inclusivity movement that caters to adventurers of all sizes, colours and backgrounds, where everyone is welcome and celebrated. Join Us! |

Founder of Plus Outdoor - Mon Balon

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