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Amble Outdoors is a size-inclusive, local Australian brand offering plus sizes up to 4X with generous measurements to suit curvy bodies with fun and style!

Amble is here to get you outdoors by encouraging individuals to venture beyond their boundaries without compromising on fit, function, style, or sustainability. They believe in technical apparel that not only withstands adverse weather conditions but also provides a proper fit, instilling a sense of well-being, and upholding sustainable values.

New Melbourne-owned Amble jackets and fleece arrived in May 2024 and are selling fast! Don't wait too long to choose your favourite piece.


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15 Items

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Are Amble rain jackets waterproof?

All the Amble rain jackets are waterproof and breathable, not just water-resistant or shower-proof. This means they provide exceptional value for money, to keep you dry and warm by stopping the wind. Amble jackets are also seam-sealed and well-designed for rain and wet weather protection.

Who is the owner and founder of Amble?

Rhianna Knight is the founder and owner of Amble Outdoors. An Australian brand based in Richmond, Melbourne. It all started when she was fed up wearing technical clothing that did not suit her values or sense of style when on outdoor adventures. With sustainable supply chains and a background in design and development, Rhianna created a brand that plants a tree with every order with a full commitment to sustainability.

Do Amble make women’s plus-size hiking pants?

Yes. From May 2024 we will be stocking both styles of their hiking pants options as part of our women’s plus size plus size hiking pants range.

Where can I wear my Amble Outdoors plus size clothing?

Amble wants to extend your love for the great outdoors to all sorts of adventures, whether it's exploring a magnificent waterfall, embarking on an epic multi-day journey hike, the Overland in Tassie, or simply heading out for a stroll with your dog, or watching your children play sports, even when the weather suggests staying indoors.

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